How To Be The Popular Girl — Britney Spears Are You Having Any Fun?


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At the end of this article I am goin to tell you how to be the popular girl AND be happy at the same time.

Britney Spears is the most popular girl in the world today.  She is the most “searched” girl on the internet.  And the internet is big.  When Britney Spears wears women’s tee shirts, folks are watchin so they can wear the same womens t shirts that Britney wears.

What does she get out of it?

Money?   The richest person in the world is 1,000 times richer than Britney is, and you don’t even know his name.  He is never, ever in the news.  You don’t want to be like him, he is a bad man.

When the media have told to you who is the richest man, they lied to you.  The richest man doesn’t want you to know about him, so he made the media tell you a lie.

What I am sayin is, you don’t have to be popular to get money.

Love?  What kind of love does Britney have?

You can say that millions of fans love her.  Yes, because she’s famous.  I have met more girls that hate her than those that love her, anyhow.

It’s not really love.  It is not a love that, if they hung out with Britney for, say, 3 months, that they would feel the same way afterward.

Happiness?  Give to me a break! As a disney mind-control victim, she has been tortured and abused.  When she got her haircut, she showed the world how UN-happy she has been.

She has been around witches, atheists, and satanists most of her life, so there is hardly even a chance that she would find an opportunity to structure her social and professional life in the company of decent people.

Happy folks do not feel a need to take drugs or to get drunk.  And addicts, who need recovery, are amon the most unhappy folks you ever could see.

What has Britney gotten out of her popularity?  ATTENTION! She is a Sagittarius, a sign that likes to be the middle of attention.  In her case, she began to be popular so young, that she never grew up and learned the difference between attention from friends and attention from shallow folks.


This is not the whole program, but it will get you started, while you learn more and more about it:

1)  Only have a few friends. Smile at those who pay attention to you, but only have a few friends that you call and hang out with.

2)  Only hang out with friends who don’t cuss, and who have no substance problems, who are not thieves or womanizers, &to. (and the others).  If you make friends with someone and you find out later that they have these traits, do not hang out with them any more.

If they start with substances, see if they will talk to an AA or NA oldtimer.  If they won’t, then avoid them, because they would definitely brin you to early death, grief, or prison, unless you keep away from them.

3)  Always think of something you can do for your friends, and some small gift you can give to them.  If they do nothing for you, and give you nothing, then cut them out.

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